The Gratitude Attitude is the first book in the series Life Lessons from the Field.  You will be amazed at how quickly you will learn the Gratitude Attitude with the three step process (look, share, re-charge) developed by the author.   There is a special dedication to Dr. Wayne Dyer, foreword by mountain climber Al Hancock, and a host of stories that will capture your heart.      

In this book, the author uses Newfoundland wildflowers to disguise the identity of  students in the stories.  Inspired by their work in a leadership class, Sheila took the students' journals and created this amazon best selling book to share with the world.  If you are challenged by habits or beliefs that cause worry or fear, or you feel like you are stuck, you will relate to the real life stories told by people who have dealt with similar issues.  You will learn how being grateful can help you overcome many of life's challenges.  

"Walk with me through this field.  Let the wildflowers and me take you on a journey of life lessons. There are many things to be grateful for.  Here are a few to get you started:

•                The sound of the Ocean

•                Rainy days so you can read a book or do those chores you have been putting off

•                Pets who welcome you at the door when you come home

•                The smell of clean clothes fresh off the clothes line

•                The warm wind brushing your cheek and blowing your hair

•                The quiet… so you can collect your thoughts

•                The sound of a baby’s laughter." pg.38

Book Review


"Sheila Trask’s book is one of the best books I have ever seen on gratitude.  The concepts she is sharing in her book can change your life for the better.  From the first page through to the last page you will find insight, guidance and awe-inspiring stories.  Please do yourself a favour and keep this book as your manual for a more fulfilled life.”

Peggy McColl
New York Times Best-Selling Author


 "This is an amazing read. If you want to get on the right track to becoming grateful and changing you attitude towards life then this is a nicely put together book with great gratitude stories. I loved it and so will you!"

Tammy Noseworthy


5.0 out of 5 starsThis book can CHANGE YOUR LIFE

ByAmazon Customeron August 6, 2016

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I absolutely love how this book is written and how the author shows how gratitude changes lives. It has made me take stock of what is truly important for a happy life and that being grateful is the key.

I am definitely sharing this with everyone I know.

This is the kind of book that needs attention.