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AL Hancock, Big 14 Challenge


Al Hancock

Al was born and raised in Stephenville, NL and is my newest Thinking into Results client. 

I invite you to  Check out his site and help him make Canadian history with his Big 14 Challenge.  

  • Did you know that Al is the 1st Newfoundlander to summit Mount Everest? 

  • Did you know he did it twice? 

  • Did you know he is the 1st Newfoundlander to complete the Seven Summits?

  • Did you know he is the 13th Canadian to complete the Seven Summits (202nd worldwide)?


  • Al is going to summit all 14 of the world's highest mountains. 

  • He is well on his way to completing this. 

  • Donations to fund this exciting adventure can be made on his site. 

  • I encourage you to influence the course of history by supporting his journey!



Message from Carolyn Roberts, former student

Hi Sheila,

I often think of you! No doubt you are still a mover and a shaker with the new book endeavor and all! Way to go!  I have had the wonderful opportunity to study under you and for that I am grateful. Learning from you made me more aware of the bigger picture. Previously, I felt that living in a small town gives you "small town mentality" but I've been able to broaden my perspective. Every issue that I face from day to day living has a bigger meaning to me now. I find myself looking beyond the "what we can see" and into the maybes and what ifs.  So you see, my mind has been changed, stretched, inspired, and just opened up to endless possibilities and opportunities. I feel hopeful and contented now, knowing I have a purpose. Also knowing that life is not black or white, it is rainbow! I would like to thank you for your guidance and direction in my life. It has changed me for the better! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, knowing full well that whatever you attempt, you will succeed!  And one more thing: if I had to describe you in a phrase, I would say “you are a potential puller, you pull the potential out of those whose lives you affect!"

Carolyn Roberts


Sheila Trask should be your first choice when it comes to consulting on issues of personal and professional development, and establishing goals that bring your life from ‘just okay’ to extraordinary.  Always passionate for the cause, Sheila will go to unknown limits to help someone reach their potential.  Empowerment is the key that unlocks the door that leads to better and happier lives that are enriched because Sheila has guided them through it.  Education is her passion and she has learned after teaching 100s of adults for nearly 20 years that first and foremost you have to love yourself to work on being the person you were born to be.  Sheila has helped many people see their potential and find a way to get there.  If you say I don't know how to get there, Sheila’s response will be “I will draw you a map".  The journey along the way may not always be filled with joy as you strive towards those goals, but when you meet those obstacles in the road, Sheila will show you how to move the rock, walk over it, or simply take another path.