How Much is Your True Potential?

I recently read in Price Pritchett’s book you² that the experts say that most people use only 10% of their potential.  This got me thinking that if there is 90% left in me, what is it?

If there is 90% left in me, there is 90% left in you too.  Aren’t you curious? How would you know if you are only using a small percentage of your potential? Well that is a good question; however the challenge is understanding that regardless of where you are in life, you are capable of 90% more.

When I got this… you know ‘oh, that is what he means’- the ‘aha moment’, I realized that I had to pull out all stops and try to figure out where I could go with this. I’ve come up with a neat little way to help you do the same. Ask yourself these questions.

1. Who would I be if time and money were not an issue?
2. What would I be doing differently in my life?
3. Where would I be living and with whom?
4. When can I start this ‘real’ life?
5. Why wouldn’t I want more out of life?

From these questions, you will come up with ‘how’, and Bob Proctor says the ‘how’ is not important; that will unfold once you make a decision to get more out of your life.

Dr. Wayne Dyer always said ‘The greatest tragedy in life is to die with the music still in you’, so my question is why would you do that?

Get a jump on life! Look for that other 90%. If you need help figuring that out, I can help you. Really! I have found another 50% in the last few months since I read that line, and I am still finding more each day.

Keep looking! Check to see if you are smiling as you ponder those questions; that will tell you a lot.

Always Be Grateful………….

Sheila Trask

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