Are You Living in Gratitude? Say YES to these 3 Questions and you may not be!

Living in Gratitude means more than taking thirty seconds to answer the 'what am I grateful for' question.  Living in Gratitude is about having a perspective; one that opens you up to seeing things you would not usually see.  If you are not real sure if Gratitude is part of your life, check this out.  Ask yourself these three simple questions.  If you say yes to even one of them, you may need a gratitude check-up.  

1.  Do you find yourself dwelling on what's missing in your life?  If you said yes, you might be looking for what you don't have instead of being grateful for what do have.  Be grateful for what is present in your life, and you will bring more into your life as you open yourself to abundance. 

2.  Do you talk to others about what's wrong in your life?  If you do, you are not living in gratitude.  You not only are missing what's right in your life, but you are now exposing others to that type of thinking.  Change the conversation to what's right in your life, and you will find that your life will quickly improve.  

3.  Do you blame others for the results in your life?  If you do, you are not living in gratitude.  Living in gratitude means you take responsibility for your life and everything that happens in it.  You are open to what is good and can easily rectify what you don't want in your life through elimination. Living life on purpose makes us responsible and open to what life has to offer.

These three little questions can give you some insight into how you are living your life.  Always keep in mind that we are what we think. Think positive thoughts, speak positive words, and you will find that you have more control over your life.  Living consciously and in gratitude will have lasting results.  Take a look around you!  What are you grateful for?

 Always Be Grateful,

Sheila Trask, The Gratitude Coach